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Enchanted Gardens | A Visit to a Nursery

Chris and I went down to the Texas coast for a short weekend getaway and on our way down I was remembering a nursery I had heard about that I thought was in Rosenberg, Texas. Chris remembered a name and his his mom look up the address for us so we could check it out […]

not much…

The Passiflora are blooming. Two of them. … And that’s pretty much all I got. It was a rainy week- after a few days of dry weather, we got a few little storms and the rain re-soaked the plants. The hibiscus are even struggling a bit, which makes me concerned. BUT the mornings are breezy […]

Fall Veggie Gardening

Thankfully Autumn has arrived! And with it a bit of cooler weather, or at least weather that doesn’t lend to profuse sweating in the afternoon. The sweet dumpling squash I have in a container in the vegetable garden is doing really well and even has two fruits now. Let’s hope they hang on until harvest! […]

trust the picture

Last Friday, the head cold that had been sneaking up on me the past few weeks (Gracie battled it first, then Tom… I thought I dodged it) came on full-force. So up until Tuesday this week, I pretty much did as little gardening as necessary. I’m so glad that I repotted the plants that really […]

Hummingbird Mania

I’m a little late in getting a post up this week but here’s a short video of the ruby-throated hummingbirds going nuts on the feeders right now! It’s that time of year!

repotting mania, and a new hibiscus

On Saturday we stopped at Home Depot so I could get some containers/planters, and I spotted a strange looking hibiscus… which I had to buy. *sigh* Oh well, plants are usually cheaper than shoes and/or handbags, so at least I can say that. It’s a HibisKiss “Hugs N Kisses” and it just grabbed my attention. […]

Phase II of the Flower Garden

We’re inching closer to finishing the flower garden! I’m so thrilled about this and can’t wait until everything is in place and all I have to do is walk around with coffee and pick a weed here and there. What follows is going to show the evolution of the garden, how it has changed since […]

September! Finally!

I’m excited because the calendar says it’s September, even though the weather doesn’t. Just a few more weeks… This week I actually did a lot of gardening. I didn’t think there was much to do but when I REALLY looked around I saw plenty of little things that I wanted to take care of. I […]

Fall Garden Planning and Planting

Ahhh, fall. Oh, wait, it’s not fall yet. However, it *is* time to start getting ready for fall gardening, especially if you are in the south. If you are in the north you should have been doing that a month ago. Here in greater Houston Chris and I have been using the book Year Round […]