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out front

For the most part, I garden in the back yard. But out front there’s a tiny patch I’ve been working on, as well.  I thought I might offer some photos that Tom took for me yesterday morning of that little space. The garden isn’t much- it’s a little patch of landscaping that sits directly in […]

Relishing the Cusp of Change

It’s coming, only three weeks now, that big and exciting F word….FALL! I know there were a lot of people out there trying to hold onto the lasts strands of summer, but I’m not. Me, I’m ready for cooler weather, not mowing every week (yes, I let my grass get a little taller than average […]

whatever (aka grumpy gardener)

  This week I’m really cranky, especially in the garden. It’s super hot and humid out, and every afternoon we get a fairly heavy storm which leaves the plants battered and soaking wet. Then the aphids come and stick to the damp leaves/petals of the plants. And then they need to be misted off, which […]

Late August In The Garden

The gladioli that have started blooming are my second plant this season that has decided to bloom completely out of its normal season. First it was a bluebonnet and now the glad’s. I’m not complaining, they are beautiful to look at. Hyacinth bean vines have started taking hold on a portion of the fenceline. The […]

A Week in the Life of a Container Gardener – mid-August

(the lanai- a quick iPhone shot from one end) Friday, August 9th: I didn’t have time for anything but a quick walk-through to make sure everything was okay. Saturday, August 10th: Gracie and I gardened together, which is always sort of *interesting* because her idea of gardening is squirting things with the mister, hosing everything […]

Hanging In There | Late Summer In The Garden

As much as I don’t want summer to end, I can see the change of seasons starting. The bluestem grasses are sprouting and reaching for the skies. I haven’t seen much goldenrod yet but I’m sure it is there. Even the light in the sky is changing. Summer is easing up, or at least pretending […]

hard drive hiccup & hibiscus

My hard drive had a “hiccup” last night so I’m coming to you today with a few simple offerings- a photo of my new Cest Bon hibiscus in bloom (it’s struggling a bit because the aphids got it immediately, but with some mist and soap I’m working on the issues), some photos of my Petunias […]

My Favorite Gardener

Sometime in the last few years I came across these photos of my grandmother. Likely it was when I was doing genealogy many moons ago. My guess is the photos were taken in the late 40s or early 50s, maybe a little later than that, but they represented my grandmother well. She passed away this […]

petunias (finally!)

After a few months of waiting, some of my petunias bloomed this week! I am really surprised at how big and frilly they are. besides the petunias, nothing much is blooming (besides the hibiscus) and so it was a beautiful little surprise to walk out the back door and see the flowers on the plant. […]