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Renee: A Relaxed Approach To Gardening In North Carolina | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Thanks for joining us this summer on our garden tour! This week will be our last week showcasing gardeners and gardens here on the Sprout Dispatch and we’ll close out the tour with Renee’s garden in North Carolina. I’ve been following her blog for many years now and have seen her garden and family grow. […]

Wildseed Farms | A Photo Tour

Over Memorial Day weekend Chris and I were in the Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg and also very near Wildseed Farms. I had always wanted to visit and we had the opportunity this time around. We’ve bought seeds from them in the past so connecting the source of seed to what we plant here at […]

re-organizing the garden, spreading succulents, abandoned plants, and more…

I decided this week I have had just about enough of being a “passive summer gardener”- sitting by and just LOOKING at my plants and flowers as they survived the summer. So what I did was re-organized the garden. One of the benefits of being a container gardener is that whenever the whim strikes, I […]

Matt: Blooming In The Brazos Valley | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

This week we’re returning to Texas, not far from where I (Misti) live. Matt is sharing his abundant blooms, which are a mix of natives interspersed with non-native botanical beauties. I know Matt from college where we attended Texas A&M at Galveston. He’s gone beyond the undergraduate realm and off into PhD territory now. His […]

Garvan Woodland Gardens | A Photo Tour

Recently I was in Hot Springs, Arkansas and had the opportunity to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens for a few hours one morning. It was quite an expansive place, full of small planted gardens here and there and large areas of more natural appearing woodland areas. There won’t be a lot of writing in this post […]

the defeats (and triumphs) of a container garden

So, it looks like one of my plumeria bit the dust- every time I trimmed it and let it out to dry out, it rotted some more. Now I have about one inch left of the cutting, but I still feel SUPER bummed about it. I’m also bummed about the way my geraniums are struggling […]

Katie: Gardening Year Round in California | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

This rounds off our first month of summer garden tours! If you haven’t checked out the other tours be sure to! This week we have Katie from California. I can’t remember for sure where I ran into Katie but I believe it was on Twitter during a gardening chat. Her current blog is a new […]

Garden Frustrations

I started writing this and realized quickly this was going to turn into a whining post, a woe-is-me-the-garden-has-caught-up-with-me treatise. Writing it in paragraphs was going to do me in so a list will suffice. So, here it is. +The okra is shading the eggplant, gotta move it. +Something is messed up with the soil in […]

misc. July musings…

The hibiscus that I mentioned last week bloomed and it is a beautiful raspberry color: Now, of course, I want more. In all colors. The problem is that most hibiscus are not dwarf sized, and therefore will outgrow their containers very quickly. One of my favorite hibiscus, the Sprinkle Rain (above), is already outgrowing its […]

Jolene: Establishing a Garden in Upstate New York | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Welcome to our third week of the Summer Garden tour! This week I interviewed Jolene, who happens to be friends with Elizabeth, last week’s interviewee, in real life. Jolene is sharing a great video tour of her garden at the end of the post—be sure to check it out. She braved the rain to shoot […]

Night Blooming Cereus | Epiphyllum oxypetalum

We bought this plant for $2 back in the Fall at a local nursery in their clearance section. It had been sitting in its pot waiting to find a spot in the garden until two weeks ago when I noticed it had a flower bud on it, so I decided to get it in the […]

summer gardening

A few quick snapshots from my garden this week: One of the hibiscus I got for Christmas finally bloomed and it’s a lovely double bloom in a blue/lavender color. I love the cream colored stamen- so cool! And the very center of the flower is a rich red plum color. If I get a bloom […]

Elizabeth: Growing A Small Harvest In Oklahoma | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Today’s garden tour is coming from Oklahoma, where my cousin Elizabeth gardens. Let’s see what she has to say about gardening on the Great Plains! +Where do you garden and what is your climate like? I garden in central Oklahoma, in the USDA Zone 7a. The climate is classified as humid subtropical and our growing […]

Late Evening In The Garden

A month or two ago Chris bought some Stokes’ asters online after some coworkers recommended it. Just now some of them are starting to bloom. The discount passiflora I bought in the fall on clearance has recuperated well and is putting out a lot of new growth along the fenceline. It would be awesome if […]