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passiflora and plumeria!

First of all: look what bloomed this week- mystery passiflora #4. It’s HUGE- the buds were the size of really huge plum tomatoes/lemons and the blooms are about 6″ round. They are crazy cool, in a “is that a *REAL* plant and did I really grow that?!” kind of way. Even Tom was impressed. And […]

‘Lauren’s Grape’ Poppy

I believe I first found out about this hybrid poppy in a gardening magazine. The description made it sound like grape juice, something delectable and sweet. Then I found the seeds for sale at one of our local nurseries and I bought a package of them up. This is my first year at growing poppies. […]

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

On Friday, Tom and I made the drive four hours north to visit Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. My parents were up there with Gracie on vacation, so we decided to drive up for the day and spend time with them. It was a happy coincidence that the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival happened […]

Looking for Ladybugs

Cacti & Succulents

At the last minute yesterday morning Chris and I went down to the Houston Arboretum for a cactus and succulent plant sale. It is on the west side of downtown Houston and thus a bit out of our way but it was a nice morning, albeit muggy, so we made our way down there. I […]

passiflora and seed order

You might remember that last year I got a little obsessed with passiflora, and wound up getting ordering four different varieties of them from Hirt’s. All four of the plants took off as soon as I repotted them, and grew like crazy. However, only two of them bloomed. One of them (I believe it’s a […]

Things are speeding up.

For some reason I thought wheat grew taller than this, or maybe its the variety I am growing. It has already set its berries and won’t be getting any taller. The feverfew is blooming profusely.  I dont really have a medicinal use for it, but the bees seem to like it and that’s all that […]

Growth In The Veggie Beds

The veggie beds are coming along, growing well and looking good. Clockwise from the bottom right: tomatoes, tomatoes, potatoes and squash, pepper-okra-eggplant-corn, dragon tongue beans and melons, and finally cowpeas-squash-one melon from the compost bin-amaranth-corn. The two biggest tomatoes have been producing the most flowers and I’m just hoping that soon I’ll see the beginnings […]

thinking ahead: summer gardening in zone 10

Every year my garden sort of tells me when it’s time to start thinking seriously/planting for the summer: the Alyssum begins to wither. And it started to happen this week, which surprised me. How is it already the middle of May? Spring seems like such a blur. And the weather has been weird, too. Just […]


This is normal for this time of year. With the warmer weather kicking in, everything decides to take off. I’ve been cutting chard, spinach, kale, and lettuce every few days or so in amounts like this. My wife makes herself a green drink every morning with everything here. It’s easy to get spoiled with the […]

Eastern Red Columbine

Somehow this columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) has escaped the wrath of the deer. We have another one in the garden that has been nibbled on as well as a couple of hybrid McKana’s Giant plants. Sometimes it feels as if the plants just can’t get a break. They will recuperate only to be browsed upon by […]

air plant surprise!

A few years ago, Tom got me a pair of airplants for Mother’s Day. I think they are super cool even though they are the least interactive and demanding plants I have ever cared for. I knew air plants bloomed, but I figured that the ones we had were maybe post-bloom or something. I basically […]

May one