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I picked up ten pounds of seed potato a few days ago. Half the lot is Kennebec and the other half is Red LaSoda. I took them out the paper sack and placed them flat in the green house. There they will sit for about a week before they get cut into pieces and planted […]

The Flower Garden | Phase I

Not long after we moved into our house I started eyeing a spot on the south side of our house and out towards the front of our house as a potential flower garden. However, in my head this was going to be a long term project, plant in some areas, add more as we moved […]

a week in the life of a container gardener : late January, 2013

Saturday, January 19 2013: I didn’t mean to spend a lot of time in the garden today but I wandered out there and wound up spending more than an hour pruning, soap-treating for pests, fertilizing, misting things, shifting some plants around, and taking general stock of what’s going on. I need to move one of […]

Annual Onion Planting

So last week I received in the mail 7 bunches of onions. Two each of Candy, 1015Y, and Red Creole, and 1 bunch of White Bermuda. I purchased them from Dixondale Farms. I was a first time customer of their’s, so having ordered my transplants before Christmas and receiving them during the week they promised […]

Miracle Fruit

A month or so ago, probably more now, a package arrived in the form of our miracle fruit. We grew some in Florida but of course sold them when we moved (and in the case of one, over fertilizing to the point of dying…oops!). This plant came to our notice at the Fruit and Spice […]

what I know about: nasturtiums…

This is my third season planting and tending nasturtiums so I figured I might share what I have learned.  I always tells myself that I will “cool it” on the nasturtium planting, but every year I find myself with anywhere from 30-50 individual nasturtiums, from seed. (And yes, they are all in containers.) I have a few […]

Compost Bin Progress

On Saturday Chris, my husband, and I spent the entire day working in the yard. Several months ago we began working on our compost bin but the area had taken some time to finish up. We had to clear the rubble from the demolished fire pit and concrete slab first and that took several trips […]

garden resolution: more orchids

  Serendipity! One of my “garden” resolutions was to invest in more orchids. On Sunday, when we were at Trader Joe’s for some shopping, they had a huge selection of orchids for a good price. So I got two:   I believe they are both “Phalaenopsis” orchids. I’ll be the first to admit I know […]

out in the garden; into the pale moon

I started my spring crop of tomatoes and peppers last week. New Year’s Day to be exact. I was kind of excited to get things going. I started everything in the kitchen and had to listen to the wife moan about my taking over the dinner table. I left the seed tray there until this […]

Tomatoes for 2013

It’s funny, my brother and I must be reading each other’s minds. Last weekend I was mentioning to Chris, my husband, that it was that about that time to start our tomato seeds. I then saw that Curtis had already started his over the New Years weekend. So, this last weekend we got ours started. […]

garden goals and resolutions for 2013

As I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish to try in 2013, I naturally included gardening. Gardening is such a regular part of my life now, and it makes me so happy. In some ways, it’s hard to believe I’ve been plugging away daily at my “little” garden (which now takes up about […]