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holiday gifts for gardeners

A few days ago, one of my family members asked me what a gardener might want for the holidays. I guess she has a few of us on her list this year and was looking for general gift recommendations. I really had no idea. I mean, I know what *I* want and need for my […]

Operation Save The Pine Tree *or* Kill The Pine Beetles

So. We have a problem. Potentially, and likely, a lethal one. The southern pine bark beetle. So, when we moved into our house this summer we had a lot of dead pine trees. Many were victims of the drought last year but I’m sure many were finished off by pine beetles. We have taken all […]

the joy of gardening “in season”

These past few weeks have reminded me why I *really* garden: active engagement. The weather has been cool and dry and beautiful and the sun has been indirect for more of the day, and my plants are responding. Pretty much any seed I put near dirt will take off. The seedlings that come up grow […]

Bananas (Retro Photos)

Spent the weekend with family and am now coming down with a cold so I didn’t have a post prepared for today. Instead I’m going to share some photos of bananas off of our banana trees in Florida. It was fun to actually have fruiting trees!

guess what?

Guess what?! My second Passiflora (I have four, total) started to bloom this week! I wasn’t expecting it at al, to be honest- it started forming buds a while back but they are much smaller than my other in-bloom Passiflora, so I figured that I had a while left until I would see any flowers. […]

First frost

Well, it was to be expected. Thanksgiving was coming up quick and the average first frost here in Fort Worth is the 15th of November. It happened on the 13th this year. We got a frost/freeze warning on the news last night (Monday) so I brought the orange tree inside and covered the tomato plant […]

Taking Advantage of Free Mulch

With all the planting we’ve been doing around the yard we’ve also been buying a lot of bags of mulch. While I did pack up a couple bags of pine needles, that will not be enough to mulch everything we plant. And buying mulch gets expensive, but also isn’t so sustainable either. (Stay away from […]


Come with me into the field of sunflowers. Their faces are burnished disks, their dry spinescreak like ship masts, their green leaves, so heavy and many, fill all day with the sticky sugars of the sun. Come with me to visit the sunflowers, they are shy but want to be friends; they have wonderful stories […]

Expansion and remodel.

Sorry for the absence last week. Tuesday my son busted his lip open and a trip to the ER ensued and then Wednesday was Halloween and trick-or-treating ensued. Earlier this year, my wife mentioned about expanding the garden. It’s not much of an expansion, but at at around 10ft at the widest point, it will […]

Rosemary & The Side Bed

So. The side flower bed. Eventually this area will be a flower garden and not a vegetable garden but until then it is a veg-flower hybrid. I wanted to get started on the planning phase of the flower garden and I decided that it was time to start working on it. After discussing over what […]

around here…

These are some of the things I love about my garden right now (sorry for the super crummy pictures- something is off with my iPhone camera…)   When the weather started cooling off, I cut back the coleus BIG TIME. They are now bouncing back, and some of the smaller ones that were hidden under […]