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grouchy gardener

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and own up to it- I’m a COMPLETELY grouchy gardener right now. It’s not gardening that’s making me grouchy, it’s the *lack* of gardening. This entire month has been super-soggy. At first, the plants seemed to enjoy it. But then, when it didn’t let up, they all seemed to […]

The neighbors

My gardening has given a few of my neighbors the ‘bug’. The lady across the street started a garden last year and has seen some success with it, growing squash and melons. It’s my next door neighbors that have taken to growing fruit. The picture above is of a nice sized pomegranate growing on a […]

Fall Veggie Gardening

This area on the south side of our house is where eventually I’ll put a nice walk through flower garden but for now, until we get our real vegetable beds put in, I’ll be using some of this space for fall and winter vegetables. It took a few days of work to weed through this […]

state of the garden: mid-September

I thought I would give a quick rundown of what’s happening in my garden as of yesterday, September 20 (I haven’t been out there today, yet.) Last week I whined about nothing sprouting, and nothing really happening. I think it’s sort of the case for September- at least this one. As much as I want […]

Nature is funny

Like these plum blossoms in the middle of September. The tree is thinking, “I’m gonna tease him just a bit.”

Spaghetti Squash Surprise

Last night in a rare time that my husband was home, we decided to cook one of our spaghetti squash for dinner. I was busy moving some boxes up to my studio so when I heard him make some noise as I shut the door I decided to let it be. Turns out he was […]

seed (window) shopping

I am at the stage in my garden where a bunch of seeds have been planted for fall but nothing’s really cooking in the garden so I find myself “window” shopping for more seeds. A quick look at my bank account put the kibosh on any orders for this month (plus, I just got a […]

Taste of the Southwest

We went on vacation last week to one of my favorite states to visit. New Mexico. Not because I worked three summers in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the northwestern part of the state and have a bond with it. The state is different. Of all the states I have visited, it is the […]

Seeds—lots of Seeds!

So, we have a lot of seeds. They used to be stored in this box on the right, which worked fine until we obtained even more seeds in the last year and they just plumb won’t fit in there any longer! I dumped out what was in the file box on the left (craft junk…it […]

new workspace / new seeds!

My Passiflora (the first one I got, I now have four total) bloomed again yesterday! Pretty exciting, since I really worried that its little vacation into the garage during Hurricane Isaac would really hurt all the tiny buds that were on the plant when we had to transfer it. But they are still growing. One […]

New & Old

We’re slowly acquiring some new plants…. The citrus were put in the ground. Sweet little meowsers there in the foreground. Variegated spider lilies for down at the pond. Variegated stephanotis. I’ve always wanted to grow this and our local nursery had a variegated version! Variegated blue sky vine, Thunbergia grandiflora. We had this growing on […]


My father-in-law and his wife came for a short visit this last weekend and brought with him several of the plants we had him take care of while we were off hiking and in transition from living in Florida to moving to Texas. Two of those plants were baobab trees that we started from seeds. […]