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Around The Yard | Summer

a work in progress…

Every so often when it comes to gardening, I get very antsy. Today, as I was gardening and shifting things around, I started thinking about autumn being around the corner and all that I wanted to plant and *do*. The bromeliad pups need to be split off from their parent plants. The basil needs to […]

Melittia cucurbitae

The squash vine borer has wrecked havoc on all things squash. Pumpkins? Annihilated. Zucchini? Total destruction. Crookneck squash? Decimated. Borer eggs I found on the underneath of a pumpkin leaf. The destroyer. The borer larvae. I was lucky to find one. I searched most of the vines and was coming up empty until I spotted […]

Alophia drummondii | Pinewoods Lily

The weekend we moved into our house we were doing a massive amount of yard work. We happened to notice this purple flower among the tall grass. I didn’t have my camera with me but I made a mental note to dig the plant up when I could to put it somewhere that wouldn’t get […]

Mid-Summer : “Survival” Season Begins

For the last few days I have been gardening like crazy, but no matter how much time I spend out there, no matter how much time I carefully water and prune and shift and “prop”, everything looks really sort of hang-dog and raggedy and… well, *CRISPY*. So, I started getting really frustrated today. I spent […]

Save and preserve

I must say that I’ve never saved any of my tomato seed. The only type of vegetable seed I’ve ever saved was okra about 2 years ago. After reading up on saving the seeds from tomatoes, it seemed like a long drawn out process that I didn’t really want to mess with. But with the […]

What Happens To Eggplants When…

…you can’t keep up with your garden during the weeks of moving…they get over ripe! I was actually kind of interested to see this phenomenon, overripe eggplants as they are a really cool color. I’ll be opening these up soon to see about saving seeds from them. In other news of excitement the rest of […]

Field Trip: Naples Botanical Garden

Because there’s no much going on in the garden this week (lots of rain, me conserving health…) I thought I might dig into my archives and share some photos from the Naples Botanical Garden. We’re lucky enough to live just half an hour away from this beautiful spot. It’s sort of a hidden gem around […]

Clean it out and fill it up!

It seems like forever since I been on here. Its been even longer since I’ve done any writing on my own blog. The summer heat has taken its toll on the garden. The past several weeks it have been in neglect. With the temperatures reaching the 100s, I’ve been hiding out indoors most evenings watching […]

Nyssa aquatica | In the Ground

We just moved into our first house, the first house we’ve ever bought I should say, and along the shoreline of the pond/lake we took down quite a bit of Chinese tallow. It was nice that it cleared up the view, such as what you see above of the house across the lake, but we […]

…a place for everything, and everything in its place

This week I finished doing the “recovery” gardening from TS Debby. One super happy surprise was that the Mimicry plant that I assumed was absolutely a lost cause started to regenerate itself. I’m fascinated by that process, to be honest, how plants can come back from literally nothing. My salvia also sprung back to life- […]

Nearly Wordless Monday/Tuesday

My apologies for not posting yesterday—I’ve been neck deep in moving. I thought about it yesterday at lunch time but had to go to the post office, get lunch and return to paint and just didn’t squeeze in the time. For now, enjoy this slipper orchid from the American Orchid Society garden in Delray Beach, […]