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recovery gardening

This past week we had an unexpected visitor: Tropical Storm Debby. As someone who lives on a tiny barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico is aware, it could have been so much worse. But we still got a bit battered. And my garden took a bit of a hit. Like I said, it could […]


While canning the last of the bulk tomatoes I cut a rotten spot out of this here tomato. While inspecting the insides I notice that a seed had sprouted. Instead of taking it out and planting it, I just stuck in with the batch to get canned. The different varieties of cucumbers. Lemon, Orient Express, […]

Beans Out My Ears

When we decided to change out the beds for the summer I knew I wanted beans. Chris had a few varieties he was growing and so I wanted to have my own. We were at Lowe’s one afternoon to pick something up and of course we detoured to the seed racks. Most of the seeds […]

summer in the garden…

A little bit of what’s happening in my garden these days… One thing I did for this summer as opposed to last summer (my first with a garden) was to set my expectations much lower. Before the heat and rain arrived, I let go of any stragglers from spring. I also didn’t plant or buy […]

The days, they only get shorter.

I spent much of this evening outside watching Zoe ride around in her “shiny new car,” (its like a year and half old and she still calls it new) and conversing with the neighbors. With it being the longest day of the year, we took full advantage of the sun. We traded stories of summer […]

Extraordinary Eggplants

When I started thinking about growing eggplants for the summer, I had been brainstorming heat tolerant plants to grow, I imagined a whole bed full of eggplants. Typically that is how we roll with our beds, maximize the capacity so we have a lot more harvest and food to store. Chris, my husband, kept telling […]

in defense of puttering

put·ter 2  (ptr) v. put·tered, put·ter·ing, put·ters v.intr. To occupy oneself in an aimless or ineffective manner. To waste (time) in idling: There are sort of three modes that I garden in: – intensive: full-on, at-least-an-hour, maniacal, no-stop gardening. Most of the time, this is me. From the minute I step onto the back of the lanai, I’m keeping […]

Wordless Wednesday

Eggplants & Thoughts

I didn’t forget to write my post today. I was ready to write last night, I’d returned from a weekend in DFW, spending time with my family. I’d unpacked, petted the cats and was checking up on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and email. When I scrolled through the Facebook feed I found something that really threw […]

A week in the life of a container gardener…

  A week in the life of a container gardener: Saturday: There seemed to be some nasty weather coming, so Gracie and I didn’t spend much time out in the garden today. We cleaned up a bit, trimmed some plants, and watered, although the plants were mostly moist due to the rainy weather we’ve had […]

That smell

Way back last Thanksgiving or so, the wife sent me to the store to get a few things. I was trying to kill time so as not to have to do other things at the house and decided to take a stroll though the produce section. Going to every bin, looking at every label. While […]

How To: Saving Tomato Seeds

There are a multitude of websites that already show one how to save their tomato seeds, but I thought I would show you how to do it anyway! I know that you will see the Sungold listed there and it is actually an F1 hybrid. I have saved seeds from them before and have obtained […]

Living with the Land

As I mentioned last week, we spent six days at Walt Disney World here in Florida. One good thing about going away on vacation, at least for me, is it gives me a different perspective on my garden. When I got home, I was able to look at all my plants objectively and I realized […]