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These roots were made for eatin’

I haven’t spent much time in the garden except to pull ripe tomatoes, so I don’t have much to write on. I was half tempted to delay my post again this week and blame it the holiday we had on Monday, just so I could snap a few more pictures tomorrow, but then I realized […]

Blossoms in the Garden

I think it was back in late February or early March when I decided I wanted to add some flowers to the garden. There wasn’t a lot going on in the side beds and so I bought a bunch of cheap seed packets at the dollar store and went to town. Some things sprouted, other […]


We’ve been on vacation all week at Disney World in Florida. I meant to write a full post while on vacation, but internet in most hotels is spotty, and time outside of the parks is rare. This was no exception! But I HAVE been taking all sorts of photos of the beautiful greenery. In fact, […]

Better late than never

On my way to pick up my kids from their grandparent’s house yesterday evening I was trying to decide what to write about for Wednesday. After all, it’s only Tuesday, right? Then I got to thinking, I totally missed my day to write. Oh well. So I figured I could sneak this post in here […]

Little Ladybug

+I really didn’t want to do a short, general post, in fact I had something really good planned. +Unfortunately the garden is keeping me much busier than normal and since Chris (my husband) is only around every few weekends due to his job, it is up to me to keep up on top of the […]

magic hydrangeas (and aluminum sulfate)

So, remember this? That hydrangea started out as blue/perwinkle when I got it for Valentine’s Day, 2011. It grew and grew, and then almost died from fungus, had to be cut all the way back (I’m talking one tiny leaf sticking out of the soil), grew *back*, and finally flowered. However, the blossoms were pink. […]


A few days ago I finally dug up the red potatoes. The tops were droopy and turning brown. I was greeted with gold. This is the first time I’ve grown taters this large. The last few years I’ve grown really crappy sized potatoes, but this was something to finally be proud about. You can see […]

Big Bertha & Her Sisters

The other day while watering I noticed that more of the onions were flopping over, getting ready to finish their life cycle and be harvested. While poking about I also noticed that we have a few ginormous onions; Chris had continually walked by the onions and reported that “The onions are so big!” along with […]

head and heart

I read this the other day and it took my breath away. I thought I might share it with others who are equally passionate about their gardens. “Beauty awaits me every day in our garden… No matter how much I need to get done in my office, I find myself wandering outside several times throughout […]

The other garden

After all the shenanigans in my garden out back, I also take care of a plot at a local community garden. This is the second year the garden has been operational and the second year I have taken on maintaining a plot there. Last year was pretty successful as I ended up growing two 5 […]

Organically Thinking

Gladiolus flowers soon to open I was flipping through a gardening magazine, which I’ll keep nameless, that Chris (my husband) had in his car and after reading several articles it dawned on me how much my viewpoint on organic gardening has changed. Organic gardening is at the forefront of my thinking when I talk or […]

…As the Container Garden Turns

One thing about the end of Spring and a Florida container garden is that things happen pretty much daily. It’s almost like a soap opera in a way. Meaning gardening becomes both repetitive (water, prune, water, prune, water, prune…) and EXTREMELY dramatic (unplanned babies! aphid attack!) all at one time. First thing, which was quite […]

Seed saving

Nothing is ripe is the garden right now. Nothing to dig up. Nothing new to plant. Nothing to build. Figured it was time to harvest the seed from the bluebonnets I pulled up a few weeks ago. Not really something I was looking forward too as I usually just leave the plants and let the […]