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Building the Soil

Curtis’ post a few weeks ago was interesting and I thought it would be nice to review what Chris and I do here in our neck of the woods at our community garden. We’ve only been here since mid-August, not even a year yet. When we arrived we found semi-raised beds with pine straw mulch. […]

gloxinia tales

I was going to do an entry on blooms, comparing the different types of Nasturtium I have growing and the difference in their flowers, but I sort of hit a snag. I have a head cold and usually when I’m not feeling good, my physical balance takes a hit. I have Spina Bifida so my […]


Chamomile. Angel’s Trumpet. Part of the Datura genus. Blackberry flower Yarrow. Kennebec potato. Arugala. Eruca sativa. Anaheim pepper

Sprouting & Fruiting

Last Thursday was the last time I spent any considerable time in the gardening, deciding to weed each of our beds and then water them. I was glad I did that then because Friday afternoon we had a wonderful, drenching rain that got me out of watering for the next two days. I ended up […]

mid-April “state of the garden” address

I wrote a big post here and WordPress ate it (*grumble*) so instead of chucking the computer out the window I am doing a photo post. Click on any of the pictures for larger images. summary of what I wrote about: – It’s mid-April, which means it’s pretty much summer here in Southwest Florida. We […]

Making amends

Okay, so I have a growth issue going on. It’s pretty obvious that there is a nutrient deficiency in my garden. If you look at the above photo, you’ll see 8 Roma tomato plants green and luscious. Loaded with fruit. No problem here. Old, nutrient rich dirt several seasons old.   Here are a few […]

One Harvest Season to Another

Slowly we are switching over from cool weather harvests and gearing up for warm weather harvests. We still have some carrots in the ground but two weeks ago we harvested some carrots, beets and other things to make beet soup. It is always so nice after anticipating a harvest for so long. You grow, water, […]

new additions

Getting new plants is pretty exciting for me. It’s almost like when you got a new toy when you were a kid. So much possibility! What will happen with them? How will they fit in with the rest of the garden? It’s like a new story to be part of. Last weekend stopped at Home […]

Beneficial Insects

I was having trouble coming up with something to write about this week, so I’ll leave you will two things that are in abundance around the house. Bees. Walking up the front side of the house you can’t miss them. They are everywhere. In the city where we live, the keeping of bees is prohibited, […]

Our Garden: A Video Tour

My brother did a tour of his garden not too long ago and I thought it would be a good idea to borrow his idea and do a similar one of mine. It’s 11 minutes so I hope you enjoy my voice! Oh, and please watch some of it; the video took 6+ hours to […]

Graduation Day (and some surprises, too)

So, this week I was looking back to see what creative projects I completed during the month of March and I was a little dismayed at how little I had gotten done. I tried to figure out what the heck I had been doing with my time, and I realized that most of it was […]

Ashleigh’s Garden

I have a section in the front yard that I call Ashleigh’s garden. It’s probably the most prominent feature in the front yard, yet not many people know the reason for the added on piece of flower bed. It’s rather odd looking to say the least. If a walking path were to somehow become pregnant, […]

Peas Please!

Right now our sugar snap and sugar daddy peas are in full fruiting mode and I’ve been picking them heavily every couple of days. They are so tasty and I’ve mostly been eating them raw but sometimes I will stir them into rice or sauté them with other vegetables for dinner. Of course more often […]